Stuart Cullinan



Stuart Cullinan started Five Horizons Development with the purpose of proving that great design could transform how people choose to live. After developing over 1,000 apartments in the the Raleigh area I shifted my focus to the downtown neighborhood. Understanding that place, where we wake up and later turn out the lights is our business.  I see re-imaging the urban home as an opportunity to add a new character to Raleigh’s story. With the help of exceptional teams we aim to transform our City one project at a time. I’m a licensed residential and commercial general contractor and developer. 

I like roadtrips. 

And a good drumline. 



Corey Mason

Corey Mason is an artist who develops real estate, in that order. Strategic, multidisciplinary developer with an eye for design and space.  With a background in landscape architecture, I’ve developed the gamut of projects (Ski Resorts: North Star at Tahoe, Homewood, Kirkwood, to the North Carolina Museum of Art) and although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of negotiation and planning.  I combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best finacially creative real estate projects in Raleigh.  I’m a licensed landscape architect and an award winning designer.

I like coffee. 

And lived in Alaska.